A Smooth Move

We have officially made the move to our new site, and, while we’ll be tinkering for a while, I’d like to thank Kevin Cauley for his behind-the-scenes work of getting it all set up. Kevin has been very patient with us as we worked through a myriad of details and decisions. Even as a new father with a major loss of sleep, Kevin has kept his cool and let us experiment with ideas, only to discard them and pop new ones on him.
Also, our thanks to the Berryville, Ark., church for hosting our new site. We’re grateful for their cooperation and participation in this new phase of Forthright.
I would be remiss if I did not tip the hat to my ever diligent and worthy assistant editor, Barbara Oliver, without whose help little would get done around here. She makes so many good things happen, that Forthright would never have made it this far without her. Thanks, Barbara.
And to my wife, Vicki, more patient, more encouraging, more faithful, than any man could hope for. Though her name doesn’t appear anywhere on site, her touch is everywhere. A true believer.
Thanks, too, to you, our reader and subscriber, for your comments, encouragement, criticisms, and accompaniment along this journey of faith.
While we don’t want this to sound like the endless thank-yous of the Emmys or Grammys, we must acknowledge another who gives us all our purpose for this work: our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom we glorify the Father by our good works, in hopes that others will confess his name. For him, we want to shine and shine strongly.
Keep reading, and let’s keep seeking the Lord with all our hearts.
Randal Matheny, editor

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