Tamper Resistant

“A man who commits adultery lacks judgement; whoever does so destroys himself” (Proverbs 6:32).
A mother and her young son returned from the grocery store and began putting the groceries up. The boy took the packet of Animal Crackers, opened them up, and began to lay each animal out on the table. “What are you doing,” his mother asked.
“The box says you can’t eat these crackers until the seal is broken,” the little boy replied. “I’m looking for the seal.”
Here is a message especially for our young people. There are some things that should never be opened until the time is right. One of those is indulging in sex before marriage. God created humans with a desire that is strong, natural, and wonderful, if it is enjoyed in the correct relationship, the one where the act of sex is accompanied by the proper amount of commitment and love.
In our society there are many, many young people who wish to posses the privilege of sex without the responsibility of marriage. The wise man urges us not to “lust in our heart after” the beauty of the wayward woman (Proverbs 6:26). He warns us that if we “scoop fire into” our laps we will get burned (Proverbs 6:27). Sex is God’s gift to the married couple; sex is the married couple’s gift to each other. It is designed to be an expression of love that is uniquely shared with no one else!
But when we tamper with the seal, when we open it before its time, we have cheapened something wonderful and God-given. It is tarnished, diminished.
Young people, don’t you want to offer that very special gift to your beloved at marriage? Don’t you, deep down, want to offer that to the love of your life? Don’t tamper with the seal until the right time!

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