Our policy statement

by the Editors

Balance. Newspapers purport to offer space to two more differing views on a subject. (Actually, today’s media is among the most biased.) Our effort is to say exactly what the Bible says, no more, no less. Other views get aired elsewhere. We prefer to stick with the Book.

Comments. We welcome, enjoy, appreciate, plead for, and learn from reader’s comments. But make sure they pertain to the article under which the comment is made, or we’ll zap it. They must also show some coherency of thought and expression. We’re not a general forum for your stray thoughts, pet peeve, favorite story, or sudden inspiration. And if you post your ezine or publication as a comment, we’ll consider it spam and zap it as well.

Other statements forthcoming as we think of them. For information on submitting articles, see the writers guidelines. For information on reprints, see the permissions page.

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