God Has Spoken

?Jesus loves me, this I know, for the Bible tells me so.? We sing these simple words to our children. Sometimes simple truths are the most profound. God has spoken. Scripture completely preserves God?s message to us. This message provides our complete, sufficient, and exclusive guide to a right relationship with God in Christ.
Faithfully following the Bible, we can know that Jesus saves us. We can know God?s pattern for the church. We can have assurance in a world of uncertainty. God has spoken, and in the message of Scripture we find spiritual power that blesses all who will trust and obey.
The Current Apostasy
Sadly, not everyone is willing to approach the Bible in faith and accept God?s will for our lives. In every generation, detractors have rejected the authority of God?s word. Currently, many professors at ostentatiously Christian schools deny that the Bible is inerrant, completely true in all it affirms. This message of infidelity is fueling the many aberrations of the Community Church Movement among churches of Christ.
Radical changes are corrupting worship. Human organizational schemes are flouting God?s pattern for church government. The social desire for unity is diluting and destroying the preaching of the gospel. Unless we unite under the authority of Scripture, any wind that blows will track us into even more uncertain waters. God?s church must reaffirm its commitment to God?s word if there is any hope for revival.
A Candle in the Darkness
In the face of the current apostasy, the church of the Lord is seeing some of God?s servants rising to the challenge. Affronted by the error that imperils the church, courageous men of faith are investing themselves in the study and proclamation of God?s truth with increasing fervor.
One of these courageous men is Jimmy Jividen, a Christian scholar and evangelist. Jividen has touched the lives of thousands and strengthened their faith through his writings. Over the years, Jividen has addressed many important issues in his books. Each of them has made a great contribution to the work of God?s church. His latest work,Inspiration and Authority of Scriptures, is by far the most important study Jividen has ever presented.
Ideally designed for a quarter of study, this book contains thirteen chapters with discussion questions following each lesson. Jividen addresses the central role of faith in receiving the truth of Scripture and in applying it to our lives. Church leaders will find in Inspiration and Authority of the Scriptures a tool to help address the rising tide of unbelief.

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