Has it ever occurred to you that if we wanted to judge our Lord’s success as a TEACHER, we probably wouldn’t want to look at his disciples around the time of his crucifixion? Why not? Well, because one of his disciples betrayed him and then later committed suicide (Mark 14:10,11,18; Matthew 27:3-5). Another tried to start a fight, denied even knowing Jesus, and then cursed when someone suggested that he was a disciple (Matthew 26:51,52). In fact, the Bible says that eventually all of his disciples forsook him and fled (Mark 14:50).
Of course, it might be helpful for us to look on “down the line” and see these same men days, even years, after the crucifixion. Scripture says that all of the disciples, except Judas, were boldly preaching Christ as Lord (Acts 4:13,18-19,31; 9:29; 14:3; 19:8).
Teacher, when results aren’t immediately forthcoming, when you wonder if you’re making any impact, and when you’re ready to throw in the towel because it seems like nobody is listening, it is then that you must not give up. Remember, it may take awhile before you ever see the fruits of your labor.
Think about it.

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