A Pitch Pipe

PitchpipeI attended a funeral recently to pay respects to a departed brother in Christ. When I looked into his casket, I noticed that one of his daughters had placed in his hands a little chrome pitch pipe. Her daddy had always loved to sing hymns, to lead singing, and had taught many a young man through the years how to lead singing in the worship assembly. As I thought about it, it seemed rather fitting that he be buried with this item.
But that little pitch pipe also set me to thinking later that day. What if someone put that which seemed most appropriate in our hands after we die? What article would be most suitable?
Would it be a cigarette?
Maybe a newspaper?
Perhaps a fishing rod and reel, or a golf club?
What about a TV remote control?
A knife and fork?
Or would a Bible look appropriate in our hands (Acts 17:11; cf. Psalm 1:2; 19:14)? It’s something to think about, isn’t it (Hebrews 11:4)?

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