The Whole World Stinks

Each afternoon while the grandkids were in school Grandpa would lie down for a nap. One day, the kids came home early and found him fast asleep on the couch, and so they decided to have a little fun with him. They dabbed Limburger cheese in his moustache. Moments later, Grandpa woke up, took a few sniffs and then observed, “Why, this room stinks!” From the couch he made his way into the kitchen, but it wasn?t long before he decided that the kitchen smelled too. So he stepped outside for a breath of fresh air. Much to his chagrin, the air outside smelled just as bad as the air inside, to which he exclaimed, “The whole world stinks!”
In Philippians 4:4 Paul wrote, “Rejoice in the Lord always …” Ironically, these words were penned while he was in a Roman prison. What I learn from the apostle is that while I can?t control all of the circumstances in my life, I can control my attitude towards them.
What about you, dear friend? Have you got Limburger cheese in your attitude? Does the whole world smell bad? It may be that you need an attitude adjustment.
Think about it…

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