The Power of Speaking Out

David Barton said, “We know that between 1992 and 1996, Christian voter turnout declined in America 17 percent. We know that between 1996 and 2000, it declined an additional 23 percent, so we’ve had a 40 percent drop in Christian voter turnout over the last four elections … Because of the attrition of Christians over the last four elections?we’ve lost several godly, God-fearing {people} out of the Senate…. So, part of {the problem} is that we don’t get Christians to the polls.”
Pundits on television are saying the election favored conservative candidates, because Americans voted more strongly for moral issues in this election than in many years. Eleven states overwhelmingly voted in favor of traditional marriage values.
Perhaps one lesson of this election is in seeing what godly people can do when they find the courage to speak up against moral evil. For too long Christians have sat silent while the politically correct badgered them into retreat.
If there was ever a time in our land when God needs a strong, clear voice to speak out against evil and for good, it is now!
Postmodern America would like to tell God to “shut up” and “go away.” This is not really new.
Ancient Israel faced some of the same kinds of problems. When they demanded Samuel give them a king, God knew they had forsaken Him for other gods (1 Sam. 8:8-9).
Pekah the son of Remaliah slew in Judah 120,000 in one day, all valiant men, because they had forsaken the LORD God of their fathers (2 Chron. 28:6).
In the days of Jeremiah, God mourned, “For My people have committed two evils: They have forsaken Me, The fountain of living waters, To hew for themselves cisterns, Broken cisterns that can hold no water” (Jer. 2:13).
God looked for a man to stand in the gap before Him in the days of Ezekiel, but He found no one (Ezek. 22:30).
Thankfully, there were godly souls who did stand in the gap today, souls who said no to sin and yes to God’s way.
The greatest need of our day is for godly people to point to God for all the answers to life’s questions. There is a great need to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, so that we as a nation of people might see the truth and come back to our God.
Your voice matters.

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