Do It Yourself

by Jim McDoniel
Henry Ford had carved into his fireplace mantel the words, “Chop your own wood and it will warm you twice.” Doing jobs for ourselves can be rewarding and beneficial.
Several years ago, a friend in the lawn-mowing business asked me to hire him to take of my yard. I told him that I got a lot of exercise from my yard work. If I paid him to do my yard work, I would have to pay a health club for exercise time. (Now, at my present age, I do my own yard work and pay the health club to help me exercise.)
The basic principle has even greater application when I come to the realm of spiritual knowledge. If I search and find the meaning of a passage for myself, I will remember it better than if I have someone else study the passage for me. Also, I may learn some additional truths while searching the passage.

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