Do Not Add to His Words

Every word of God proves true;
he is a shield to those who take refuge in him.
Do not add to his words,
lest he rebuke you and you be found a liar.
(Proverbs 30:5,6 ESV).
God speaks to us through His word, the Bible. In the pages of Scripture we find all we need to be the people God intends for us to be.
Because the Bible is true, it provides access into a relationship with God in Christ which blesses every aspect of our lives.
When we follow the teachings of Scripture, God’s grace shields us — providing a refuge from the daily struggles which come from living in a world of evil.
Beyond giving instruction for our lives, so we can know God’s law, the Bible provides an assurance of God’s mercy. Through Scripture we not only know what we ought to do, but we know how to find forgiveness when we fail to keep God’s law.
Receiving the Bible as it is, the word of God, we must reverence what he tells us and take care not to “add to His words.” As this passage tells us, when we move beyond God’s truth, we become liars.
Reverence to God’s word prohibits God’s people from adding unauthorized additions to worship or to the work of the church. We must do God’s things in God’s way.
The Bible must remain at the center of our lives as God’s people. Personal Bible study, family devotional times, the worship and teaching of the congregation are all important. Only through the truth of Scripture can we find the light to guide our lives into an eternity with God.

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