Free Online Books

Here is a list of books available, in formats such as html, MS Word, or pdf, that can be either read or downloaded free online.
Some of the authors are from various religious backgrounds, but their works are of interest from a textual or Biblical standpoint. They are noted with an asterisk (*).
If you have a suggestion for an online book, please email us at forthrightmag fastmail fm .

3 Replies to “Free Online Books”

  1. Randal, I think the link to “Revelation Commentary” by Manly is a dead link or something is wrong with it. Keep up the good work!!!

  2. Thanks to Manly’s help, the link has been updated, and his commentary on Acts added as well. Thanks for pointing out the dead link, Wayne.

  3. I like your articles. I have been wrestling with this for some time. I have found myself doubting my salvation. Upon reading the book of James, I am at a loss. I don’t know which way to turn. Sometimes I have a Spiritual high and then the bottom falls out and with me as well.
    Can you give me a helping hand on this? Or am I the only one that has ever felt this way?
    Thanks, Adam

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