To Be Filled with Joy

by Don Ruhl
Read Psalms 126-128
Listen to the joy of the psalmist,
The LORD has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy (Psalm 126:3, NIV).
Are you a Christian who is not filled with joy? There are times to mourn, so it is difficult to have joy during those times. However, if it is not the time for sadness, but joy still does not fill your heart, I encourage you to think on what the psalmist says here. Notice joy does not overwhelm us automatically, but we have to be aware of the things the Lord has done for us, indeed the great things He has done for us.
Here is one way to do this. Often our prayers are filled with requests and petitions. Why not devote prayers from time to time to nothing but thanksgiving? Some time today, have a prayer in which you devote every part of the prayer to thanking God for everything that comes into your mind. Do not restrict yourself to matters pertaining to the body, but put an emphasis on the things of the spirit. Start first with the blessings for the body, but then move into the greater blessings that are for the spirit.
When you are done, you may be exhausted, but you will be enriched. And watch to see if joy now fills your heart!

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