Doing Nothing

When Nazi Germany marched into Austria and “annexed” Czechoslovakia in the late 1930s, Adolf Hitler gave notice as to his dangerous and frightening intentions.
The response from the rest of Europe, however, was even more startling. They did nothing. France shrunk from fear, Russia tried to cut a deal, and Italy joined forces. The Swedes and the Swiss said they were neutral. Neville Chamberlain, the prime minister of England, and his political friends followed a policy of appeasement. Basically, they ignored the threat, gave Hitler his way, and hoped against hope that “war” would go away. It did not.
Hitler grew in power and tyrannized most of Europe. Chamberlain resigned in shame. Britain stood alone against the Fascist regime. It was only when the resolve of Britain and America stood up to evil that any end to the war could come. Millions of men, women, and children lost their lives due to apathy. No one wanted another world war, but only war could stop a ruthless dictator.
Satan has lied, connived, deceived, and bullied his way into our schools, our media, and our courts. The god of this world has flexed his muscles, and it may seem that he is unstoppable. It is more than lives at stake; it is souls. If we do nothing, surely many will lose their souls for an eternity. We must preach and teach and serve and love and care, until every soul hears the Word and knows the love of God.
Jesus died on the cross and rose again from the dead to give us hope and life. His marching orders for us is to take the message of hope, the gospel, to every corner of the world (Mark 16:15). To believe there is no threat is to deceive ourselves. We cannot be silent.
If the message of Jesus has grabbed our hearts, given us hope, relieved our guilt, and immersed us in grace, let us not sit silent while the world remains ignorant.
We cannot be neutral about sin. We cannot bargain with or appease the devil. All our human effort will fall flat; people need God. Only the blood of Jesus can wash us clean. If we do nothing to tell a lost and dying world about Jesus, then surely they will perish.
Do you know someone who needs the Lord? Don’t sit quietly, doing nothing. Speak a good word about Jesus. Tell him of His love and grace. You may open a door to life everlasting.

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