Last month, some motorists in Michigan thought they had found a gold mine. Discovering a computer error that enabled them to swipe their drivers’ licenses instead of credit cards, they filled their tanks at the Meijer chain without paying. Over 100 people took advantage of this “free” gasoline, costing Meijer thousands of dollars.
Some of the culprits, many of them students from Ann Arbor, filled up their tanks up to 15 times over a three-week period. No one would ever know; no one would get hurt.
There is, however, no such thing as a free tank of gas. Beyond the Meijer Corporation taking a loss, it so happened the information from each driver’s license was stored on the pump’s computer, permitting the police to identify the offenders. The free gasoline came at a high price.
Temptation comes to all of us in different ways. Often we feel that we can cut corners and no one will know. The danger of being found out is not, for Christians, the primary motivation for right living. Sometimes our sins are uncovered publicly, causing pain and embarrassment. At other times our sins remain hidden to human eyes.
God, however, always knows everything. We really have no secrets. As God’s people we must always at all times live our lives with the knowledge of his presence. This outlook of faith will guide our thoughts and actions, keeping us on the right track. Integrity is not usually the easy way in life, but it is the way that will be blessed by God.

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