The Thermostat

Diana Ross McCain wrote an insightful article entitled, “The Hardships of Worship.” In it she described what it was like to worship in a Connecticut church meetinghouse some two-hundred plus years ago. She observed:

“There was no fireplace, no stove, no significant heat source of any kind. Half-frozen men, women, and children, bundled up in their heaviest garments, hunched themselves to conserve precious body heat and peered through clouds of condensation formed by their breath. In the pulpit the minister himself might be preaching clad in a greatcoat and mittens. At times it got so cold the Lord’s Supper froze…”
Comfort was not a primary consideration of those who constructed early Connecticut meeting houses. Here one came every Sunday to attend to the serious business of hearing the word of God and how it might be applied to daily life. And that solemn duty was to be carried out no matter what weather it pleased the Almighty to provide.”

Wouldn’t it be interesting to some day note the following in the local paper, “Come worship with us. Our building is cold in the winter; hot in the summer. We use neither heat nor air conditioning. Our pews are not padded. We meet not for physical comfort, but spiritual worship. You are cordially invited”…(John 4:24; cf. Acts 16:24,25)?
Now, what was it you were saying about the thermostat?

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