Mutual Funds

I have a close friend who loves his children very much. It’s obvious by his words and actions that he cares deeply for his girls. He’s especially good at encouraging and rewarding them when they do well.
Some time ago, his daughters brought home their report cards. Both had excelled in their school work; one had also received an outstanding citizenship award. Daddy was understandably proud of their scholastic achievements and so he gave them both a “reward”.
Want to guess what it was?
Guess again.
Guess again.
He took them to the local bank and opened a couple of mutual funds on their behalf! They were thrilled. Really!
When I first thought about it, the idea of signing the kids up for mutual funds sounded sort of…well…dare I say it…odd, maybe even silly. (If you’re like me, you take your progeny out to Dairy Queen or Krispy Kreme for their good grades).
But the more I pondered this father’s gifts, the more I began to see his wisdom and true devotion. You see, instead of teaching them the need for immediate gratification, he instilled within them the importance of waiting and patience. Instead of teaching them to buy and spend, he showed them how to save and invest. Most of all, this Christian Dad rewarded his daughters by bestowing something that all of our children need – the value and importance of stewardship.
Just a thought. Are we teaching our children how to use the money that God has loaned to them?
“Train up a child…” (Prov. 22:6).

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