I'm thankful!

It hit me the first thing this morning. I could have been dressing to go to the hospital or to a funeral home.
Last night [Tuesday] after our song service, my daughter Laura Lynn drove her Geo Prizm home. The rain was cold, and Interstate 65 was wet.
Laura just graduated from Freed-Hardeman University as an art major. She had taken three years of Koine Greek and had distinguished herself as an honors college graduate.
Unfortunately, someone had broken off her side mirror. Some car or truck had brushed by too closely on the narrow streets of Henderson. It left her a blind spot.
As she journeyed home, a car entering the interstate from an on-ramp moved too rapidly and uncautiously into her blind side. She overcompensated her swerve away from the intruder and, hitting her brakes, threw her Geo into a spin.
What happened next was a blur for her, but the driver of a large white truck saw her face as his vehicle collided with her.
The collision sent Laura down an embankment and into the fence at the bottom. Fortunately, the grass and soil were thoroughly soaked and provided a softer landing.
The old car, which is paid for, is completely totaled with damage to the undercarriage and wheels as well as the front fender. Laura, however, came out without a scrape or a bruise. She says her neck hurts a little.
I could have spent the day at the hospital or the funeral home. God was gracious. He walked with her through the shadow of death and brought her home safely.
I am reminded of the brevity and the precious nature of life. Our children are a wonderful gift. Whether we have them short or long, let us treasure each day with them.

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