If I Were the Devil

“Be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls about seeking someone to devour? (1 Peter 5:8).
If I were the devil, I would do everything I could to get your soul, to lead you and your loved ones into sin, to get you to forsake the Lord and the truth.
I’d make fun of the things that are right and seduce you with the things that are wrong. I’d tell you how important it is to please men (actually me) and that God’s ways are always boring, outdated and a struggle.
I’m make fun of the Lord and His church. I’d always want the church to look foolish and hypocritical. I’d make fun of people who want to do right by calling them demeaning names and picturing them as radical and mentally imbalanced.
I’d make heroes out of sinners. I’d say over and over again that sin really isn’t so bad. I’d punish and slander everyone who speaks out against sin.
I’d make counterfeit religions and counterfeit churches that look like the real thing. I’d tell people that God’s grace is so great that people can substitute self-made beliefs and practices for the Biblical ones.
I’d tell you that you are #1 and the most important person. I’d promote jealousy, envy, and pride. Forget kindness and compassion. I’d encourage gossip and slander. I’d plant it in your heart to “get even” and take revenge! I’d say to you to be slow to forgive anyone.
If I were Satan, I would try to control you by making you utterly selfish and blind you to the needs of anyone else. I would distract you with all your desires and keep your mind away from God and His work. I would make service to God optional and distasteful.
Ah yes, if I were Satan, I would try my best to capture your soul long enough to keep you from God. I will wrestle with you to win. Be aware. (Eph. 6:10-20)

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