Where Does Jesus Want To Be?

You would expect to see those who wear white coats and a stethoscope in a hospital. You would expect to see those donning yellow hard hats to be driving heavy equipment or working at a construction site. Bright and smart polo shirts along with cleated shoes are typical fare at a tee or on a fairway.
So where would you expect to see Jesus? Would you expect to find Jesus leaning against a wall outside of a convenience store chatting with gang members? Would Jesus dare be caught talking with someone who had a really bad reputation? The Gospels provide an answer.
On one occasion some Pharisees were shocked to see Jesus engaged in the fellowship of sharing a meal with sinners. To their offended sensibilities of where He should be, Jesus responded, ?The healthy do not need a doctor, but the sick. I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners.? Mark 2:17 Jesus is the Great Physician who has come to heal lives. It was only appropriate that He would be accessible to those whose lives need healing. As He announced on another similar occasion, ?The Son of Man came to seek and to save that which was lost.? Luke 19:10
Where does Jesus want to be? Contrary to perhaps both the stereotypes of some sinners and saints, Jesus wants to be with those whose lives have been ruined by sin. He is the Great Physician. That is where He is needed. While the thrust of His message revolves around Him healing our greatest affliction by releasing us from guilt, we must also not overlook:
? To the ostracized and lonely, He can provide the promise of always being there, (Matt. 28:20)
? To those burdened and tired, He promises rest (Matt. 11:28)
? To those trapped in a dysfunctional family or without family, He extends the invitation to be part of God?s family, (Matt. 12:50)
? To all of us, He offers the path toward healthy relationships with God, others and self.
Where does Jesus want to be? Where people need help. Where do you suppose He wants His disciples to be?

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