Living Without Debt

The Lord?s perspective
Long before financial advisors like Suze Orman were toting the virtues of living credit card debt free, the light from Jesus? teachings was evaporating the reasons for going into debt.
* Why should you whip out your credit card to own the latest, the greatest or to keep up with others since your life is not measured by your possessions? Luke 12:15
* What motive do you have for going into debt over those things which the world pursues when God detests what is highly valued among people? Luke 16:15
* If God will provide for your daily needs if you seek His kingdom, what need is there to charge additional items for which you can not pay? Luke 12:22-31
* Since Jesus? parable about ten men each receiving a mina reveals God expects you to be a good steward in serving kingdom purposes, how does credit card debit fit into accomplishing this goal? Luke 19:11-27
A common perspective among humanity
In contrast to our Lord?s perspective, Jimmy Stewart?s character in Shenandoah reflects a typical human attitude when he cried out, ?Lord, we plowed the fields, planted the crops, cared for them and harvested them, and now we?re eating what we provided.? He was making the very claim which God had warned against in Deuteronomy 8:17. The attitude of ?I earned this and so it is mine? reflects the underlying myopic spiritual anemia of viewing our possessions as our security and ourselves as the provider. If it is all about what you have and what you are capable of enjoying because you earned it, would not such an attitude encourage you to spend more than what you could afford?
Living with the Lord?s perspective
In reality, nothing belongs to any of us. The earth and everything within it belongs to the Lord. To live with the Lord?s perspective involves making God the source of our security instead of depending upon our possessions. In this way, our financial means are freed from being silos of security to become tools used in God?s service. We are simply stewards of the wonderful resources the Lord has made available to us.
If we can cast off being conformed to this world by maturing into recognizing that what we have is not truly ours and by believing that God will provide for our needs, the path will lie open before us to live first for his kingdom. God wants us to use our wealth not only to sustain ourselves but also to be a blessing toward others. 1 Timothy 6:17; Luke 12:32-34
What are some practical things you can do? How can you train your children to think maturely about finances?
? As a family, study what scripture has revealed about God providing, the role of our financial means, and stewardship accountability.
? Sit down as a family to create a budget and start with what is most important in order to model how to establish priorities and boundaries.
? Get each of your family members to make a commitment to live within your family’s means in order that you will be able to fulfill your divinely given stewardship purposes.
? Involve your family in giving to the Lord and doing good to bless others.

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