A Widow Prayed

Each day as the sun would rise, its light would be cast upon Jerusalem where an elderly godly widow would spend time in prayer. As she would walk into the temple court of the women, without a doubt there were many who walked right past her whom society considered important such as political figures, religious leaders and certain business personalities. Did they ever notice her? Did they ever give a second thought to the widow who prayed? God did.
One day as the eyes of this widow fell upon a young mother carrying a baby boy, God revealed to Anna that the child before her would be the one who would bring redemption to Jerusalem. A widow praised God. God noticed. A widow had prayed.
To teach his disciples why they should be persistent in prayer, Jesus chose to tell a story about another widow. It is a story which underscores that God notices those who pray.
Jesus? choice in selecting a widow was deliberate. Those with deep pockets possess power to create according to their desires. Political pundits can shape public policy. Military leaders change boundaries. But what could a widow do? What resources does she have in a world where economic and social tides are beyond her influence?
Jesus? story was about a defenseless and seemingly powerless widow who had suffered a wrong. The particular powerful judge before whom she had to take her case was not driven by fairness. His eyes were elsewhere. To him the widow was merely a nuisance to be ignored.
However, this widow was spunky and persistent. It seemed that every time the judge turned around her penetrating old brown eyes were requesting justice once again.
The judge was a bit slow, but even he learned that this old woman would wear him out if he did not take care of her case. In contrasting that unrighteous judge who finally responded with the greater responsiveness of our God driven by righteousness, Jesus said, ?will not God bring about justice for his chosen ones who cry out day and night??
So you don?t feel powerful? You ask, ?who am I and what can I do?? You can pray, pray, pray, pray. God notices. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful.
Prayer takes faith. It takes confidence that God exists and that he rewards those who diligently seek him. And so Jesus ended his story of the widow with the haunting question, ?when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on the earth?? God notices those who pray.

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