Pay Attention to How You Listen

Hardly any physical movement occurred, yet the attacks and countermovements were worthy of a Jujitsu championship. Each combatant scrutinized the other’s every word looking for something to exploit toward their own verbal advantage.

At times people listen, not for the purpose of gaining understanding, but to discredit, to protect or defend themselves. At one time or another, we have all probably been guilty of something other than seeking a genuine understanding. How we listen is important.

After so poignantly teaching how people will respond differently to God?s word as that message is sown in their hearts, Jesus warned his disciples, “So take care how you listen.” Luke 8:18 God’s word is important. How we receive that message is critical to what it will produce in our lives. It is those who listen to God’s message with an honest and good heart, and who hold on to this message, who will with perseverance produce a harvest. Luke 8:15

If the message being presented is true to Scripture, let’s listen to Scripture, without lightly dismissing it or irresponsibly criticizing the messenger. Rather, as good soil, let’s deeply embrace God?s word so that it will produce fruit in our lives.

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