Thirty Years of Killing

It has been thirty years now; thirty years of unrestrained killing, thirty years since abortion became lawful throughout the United States.
Faithful Christians should consider three points in evaluating the enormity of this situation:
1. God Champions the Helpless
The Lord reveals Himself in Scripture as an advocate of the weak and oppressed; the champion of innocent victims. The application of this truth to the abortion debate is obvious. Whatever injustices and inequities exist in life, the unborn child is not to blame and has no means to protect himself or herself from the violence of abortion.
2. Responsible Actions Have Consequences
While “hard cases” are often put forward to shield the true atrocity of abortion from being clearly discussed, most abortions have nothing to do with rape, incest or the physical health of the mother. Most abortions are simply an alternative method of birth control. The abortion crisis is a devastation growing from a society bent on self-gratification. Christians, who are called to deny themselves in serving God and others, must oppose indulgence which destroys responsible choices.
3. Life is Sacred
The Bible is clear. God fashioned man from the dust of the ground. Humanity is the result of special creation, not merely evolution from animals. Human life is different from animal or plant life. Human beings are marked with the image of God. Human life is sacred. Abortion destroys the life of a child, and is therefore a tragedy to be mourned, not an impulsive option to be indulged.
Keeping these three principles in mind, let us with humility and fear pray God’s deliverance for these most innocent victims of our nation’s selfish excess.

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