A Heart Ready to Worship

Although this gentle and loving lady normally took pleasure in helping the downtrodden with a meal or some warm clothing, today would be different. Standing before her was a woman whose defiant eyes matched the demanding tone in her voice. ?You mean I waited 5 minutes for this? Don?t you have anything better? I also really need some frozen dinners and I don?t mean those generic brand ones.?
How many times has your generosity been repaid by ungratefulness or perhaps even demands? How often have you encountered someone who thought that they deserved your gift? What did you want to tell them? Unfortunately, sometimes even husbands and wives might perceive their spouses being ungrateful. What had been given as a gift was received as though it was owed.
People are unappreciative for many different reasons but it usually stems from believing ?I deserve this? or ?I?ve earned this.? You can be sure that when someone believes ?you owe it to me,? ingratitude is bound to creep in.
So let?s ask the real question. What do you deserve from God? Now that you have submitted your life to God, attended church on a regular basis, willingly given of your money, donated time and energy for worthy causes, helped the poor and hungry, shared Christ with family and friends, etc. What does God owe you?
Jesus taught that after you have done everything you were told to do, say, I am only an unworthy servant who has done my duty. Luke 17:10 But someone might naively object with, ?does not the scriptures teach us to ?work out our own salvation??? (Phil. 2:12) as though this statement demands that salvation is gained through some form of works. While such a question might be sincerely motivated, it is based upon failing to understand that Paul was exhorting the saved to fulfill and live up to their divinely given role and purposes. Our salvation is a gift God makes available through Jesus. God graciously gives salvation to those who respond to the gospel with the obedience of faith. Then our purpose as those who have been saved is to do good works and bring glory to God, that is, to work out our salvation.
As regarding our response of love toward God, we might remember the principle Jesus taught, ?He who is forgiven little loves little.” Luke 7:47 If when we assemble to worship we will remember the true nature of our sin and that we have been thoroughly cleansed from each condemning stain, is there anything which will stand in the way of our hearts pouring forth our love and gratitude? Let?s be grateful. Let’s worship God.

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