Christian Living – No Ostriches Here

Unlike imitating the proverbial ostrich, the life of a Christian involves squarely facing the facts, responding to them responsibly and then being released from our greatest weight and fear! Wow, now this is the way to live!
To go back to the beginning again, the evidence for the validity of the biblical message is nothing short of incredible and convicting. Sure there are those who would like to deny the historicity of scripture because often they would like to pretend that the Bible?s spiritual message and divine standards are not true. But, for someone to stand with his or her eyes wide open before the mountain of evidence which continues to grow, he or she is naturally led to conclude ?this book is for real.?
Although this is the responsible conclusion, admittedly it is also, at least initially, a very uncomfortable one. For to acknowledge the validity of scripture includes admitting that we are guilty of sin. In view that there is a day of judgment coming, this admission is tantamount to acknowledging that if we should stand before God based upon our own merit, we would be condemned.
But there is no need to remain under condemnation because there is more to the message of scripture. Just as God foretold, He sent His Servant to die for us to release us from our sins. In fact, God wants all of humanity to rely upon His Son in order that through him we might be given eternal life as God works to unite under Christ everything in heaven and on earth. Of course the responsible action before such a gracious gift is to honestly, humbly and obediently respond to the Gospel and then to begin to live out a life of gratitude, love and obedience toward God praising and worshiping with all of our being.
There is nothing greater than to live each moment liberated from sin, knowing the inheritance which awaits and to know that our Lord will never forsake us. This is responsible living. This is facing the facts. This is the reality of the disciple of Christ.

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