A Chunk of the Rock

Standing as a near timeless sentinel, the Rock of Gibraltar has become a symbol of permanence and stability and therefore an icon of security. People need security and Jesus knew that.

In his Sermon on the Mount, Jesus offered to the crowds a source of security far greater than even the apparent timelessness of this enormous monolith rising out of the water. After having outlined the necessity to lay up treasure in heaven and not upon the earth (Matthew 6:19-24) and knowing that such teachings could create fear and insecurity, Jesus empowered the path of truly serving the Master as he taught about the security God provides.

While the lives of pagans may be driven by the worries of laying up treasure upon the earth (“What shall we eat? What shall we drink? With what shall we be clothed?”), the person who strives to lay up treasure in heaven need not have his or her soul weighed down by such wearisome burdens. Jesus promised that the heavenly Father already knows that we need various necessities and that God will provide for our us if we will seek first His kingdom and His righteousness. Matthew 6:32-34 For those whose allegiance and love is directed toward God and not toward the passing phantom promises which emanate from the created world, their Master will supply what is needed.

If security for living life can be portrayed as an unchangeable monolith, then certainly the knowledge that God does not lie and that His promises provide reliable security is the greatest monolith of all. Furthermore, most definitely one significant chunk of this giant rock entails the promise that the LORD will furnish our needs if our hearts? treasure is to seek first his kingdom and his righteousness.

In times of economic uncertainty, where might a person look for security and peace of mind? Different people will look to different sources. Jesus called us to replace the worry that can inhabit our minds with the peace that comes from knowing that God will provide for those who serve Him. Today we might not see where tomorrow’s lunch will come from, but God can open doors and transform opportunities overnight. After all, our God is the Creator.

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