A Moral Foundation

?Reversing the moral collapse of the American family,? proclaims the subtitle of William Bennett?s work, The Broken Hearth. This short book attempts to do just that.
Contrasting the current disorder of American family life with a more wholesome past, Bennett highlights the crisis in compelling terms. Chapters dealing with homosexuality and divorce show how strongly these moral issues have undermined the stability of society.
Changing Course
Bennett, however, does not call for despair, but for change. Recovering moral foundations and building on the strength of conviction will recover the blessings of marriage and family that sin and selfishness have eroded.
?If we do our part,? the book concludes, ?there is reason to hope that those blessings may yet again be ours ?- ours to have, ours to hold, ours to bequeath to our children.?
God?s Plan
While writing for a general audience, Bennett is clear in asserting the need for specific application of biblical teaching to cure the social ills plaguing modern culture. He calls on churches, in particular, to join in the dialogue and contend for moral solutions to human problems.
The Lord?s church must rise to this challenge. Speaking out against immorality, we serve as light in a world of darkness.
God?s plan for marriage and family life is clearly detailed in Scripture. Husbands and wives are to be lovingly faithful to each other. Parents are to cherish their children while developing them in Christian faith, and children are to obey their parents.
God?s moral law, clearly taught and faithfully obeyed, provides hope for our future and remedy for the disorder of today’s families.

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